Reconnect: Organ, Eye and Tissue Symposium

Reconnect: Organ, Eye and Tissue SymposiumDate:October 11th,October 11th,2023 Information Donor Connect Presents Reconnect: Organ, Eye and Tissue Symposium.Event Description:Come take the journey along the

Tay Tay Tough

Three-year-old Tayzli Hale loved dancing, singing, playing with her brothers, and she loved to ride horses. Three years ago, Tayzli was thrown from her horse when an approaching car spooked the anima…

Lisa and Henry

Park City Fire District Engineer Henry Evans has run into many burning buildings to save strangers. So when his cousin went into renal failure and needed a kidney, Henry responded without hesitation. And Henry

Catcher McCardell

Catcher McCardell, a 14-year-old Eagle Scout candidate, was on a family vacation last year observing a variety of license plates on the vehicles of other “road trippers.” One plate in particular, a D…

Kidney Donation saved my life

My name is Bruce Tippets and a kidney donation saved my life. I’m headed to the National Kidney Foundation Summit in D.C. for the second straight year, which is different from...


Living Donors make up a small portion of all organ donations. It takes a special type of person to want to donate a part of themselves to save another.

I made an 11 year old little girl cry

I made an 11 year old little girl cry and I’ll do it again. I’ve made many people cry over the years. As a reporter/videographer working in the local TV news business, I interviewed...