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Organ and tissue donation saves and heals lives. It offers the hope for a productive, healthy life for those in need. Every day, transplant recipients return to their families, friends, and communities – all through the generosity of individuals willing to give the gift of life through organ, eye, and tissue donation.

DonorConnect is the organization that connects donors with recipients. We facilitate, coordinate, educate, honor, and advocate for donors and donor families so that one day no one on a transplant waiting list dies or is limited from the lack of a life-saving organ or tissue.

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Every Community Needs Heroes!

Making the decision to donate life is a generous, heroic act. One organ and tissue donor can save 8 lives and enhance the lives of over 75 others. Be a hero and register as a donor today.
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DonorConnect also supports the advancement of medical treatments, procedures, and education. Organs and tissues recovered and deemed not transplantable can be utilized by various agencies and teams when authorization is granted. We also partner with various local and national teams to facilitate the recovery of other tissues to further the work of approved research projects and studies in progress.

Donation FAQ

Who can donate?
Can I register my children?
Can I donate organs if I cannot donate blood or have a chronic medical condition?
Will medical staff still make every effort to save my life if I am an organ donor?
How much does donation cost the donor family?
If I donate, may I still have an open casket funeral?
May I choose what is donated?
Can organs, eyes and tissues be given to different ethnic groups or individuals of the opposite sex?
How is priority determined for who receives an organ transplant?
Why are there still so many people in need of organ transplants?
What do major religions say about donation?
How are organs and tissues recovered?
How is organ and tissue recovery funded?
Does DonorConnect accept whole body donations?
What is your relationship with the DMV?

A Guide For Families

DonorConnect’s family support coordinators and staff are with the family throughout the donation process guiding and supporting them.

A Guide for Families" booklet was created as an additional resource given to families with explanations about the donation processes, timelines, and resources to help them grieve.