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Tissue donation is the process by which a deceased person donates parts of their body to be used in procedures to repair various defects and injuries. Donated tissue can dramatically improve someone’s life and/or save their life.

One tissue donor can save and improve the quality of life for more than 75 individuals

Types of Tissues and how they are used

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How does Tissue Donation happen?

During the time leading up to a potential tissue donor’s death, a medical practitioner representing DonorConnect, the organ and tissue procurement organization that serves Utah and surrounding regions will collaborate with doctors, nurses, and family members of the potential donor to discuss the viability of tissue donation.

If the patient had signed up to be a tissue donor, this is shared with the family. If they had not signed up, the patient’s family will have the opportunity to consider tissue donation on behalf of their loved one.

After it has been determined that tissue can be donated, a surgical team recovers the tissue. The procedure is done in a way that the body can be reconstructed to allow a viewing or an open casket.

DonorConnect partners with several tissue banks.  Tissue is immediately shipped following recovery to our processing partners who prepare these tissue grafts for transplant.  Recipients of tissue grafts do not need to take special medication to avoid rejection as do organ recipients.

MTF Biologics
LifeNet Health
LeMaitre Vascular
Xtant Medical

Tissue Donation FAQ

Can anyone be a tissue donor?
What is the difference between tissue and organ donation?
What Tissues can be donated?
Can organs be taken along with the tissue?
How are the tissues removed and what about funeral arrangements?
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Every Community Needs Heroes!

Making the decision to donate life is a generous, heroic act. One organ and tissue donor can save 8 lives and enhance the lives of over 75 others. Be a hero and register as a donor today.
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A Guide For Families

DonorConnect’s Family Support Coordinators and staff are with the family throughout the donation process guiding and supporting them.

A Guide for Families" booklet was created as an additional resource given to families with explanations about the donation processes, timelines, and resources to help them grieve.