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A Guide For Families

The success of organ and tissue donation hinges on our partnership with healthcare professionals in the 90+ hospitals in this region and our dual commitment to support donor families and transplant recipients.

Early referrals and the management of the patient by hospital staff allow DonorConnect staff to quickly evaluate the patient’s ability to become a donor.

DonorConnect is committed to a successful partnership with you and your hospital in support of donor families and transplant recipients. How to contact DonorConnect: Call the Donor Referral Line at 800-833-6667 or 1-800-83-DONOR. We are available 24/7, every day of the year.

Who is my Hospital's Donation Coordinator at DonorConnect?

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How Do I Engage DonorConnect?

When do I call DonorConnect? (Adult Patient)
When do I call DonorConnect? (Pediatric Patient)
Why do I need to notify DonorConnect of every death or imminent death?
How do I contact DonorConnect?
What is my role after I call?
What if I’m not sure my patient is eligible, or may not survive?
Who talks to the family about donation?

Hospital Reports

On a monthly basis, DonorConnect requests a detailed list of deaths from each hospital in our donation service area. This is in compliance with 42 CFR Part 482 – Medicare and Medicaid Services; Conditions of Participation (CoPs), which states that hospitals must “…work cooperatively with the designated OPO, tissue bank and eye bank in educating staff on donation issues, reviewing death records to improve identification of potential donors and maintaining potential donors…”

In order to properly review the mortality data/death records, we ask that hospitals provide us with a list of all deaths at their facility each month.

DonorConnect Reports

If you would like additional information or hospital specific reports, please contact

Who is my Hospital's Donation Coordinator at DonorConnect?

Our Donor Program Development coordinators are a resource for 90+ hospitals in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming. They help hospitals maintain their donation programs by assisting with policy and protocol development, analyzing data, preparing for regulatory surveys and providing education on the donation process.

If you have any questions or need assistance, your Donor Program Development coordinator will be happy to help. Start by entering your hospital's name in the search box!

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